XTREME® 2.4Amp Dual USB Ports Home Charger

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When you at home, in office or travelling, take the Dual Port USB Home Charger (2400 mAh) from Xtreme to keep your portable gadgets powered up and ready to go any minute. The 2400 mAh charger has two USB ports, so you can charge up two at a time. The Xreme Cable Dual Port USB Home Charger is lightweight for maximum portability, so it's perfect for travel.
Small and lightweight charger
2.4A fast charging
Dual USB ports charge up two devices at a time
For use with: Mobile phones, MP3 players, Cameras, Camcorders, GPS
Perfect for travelling.
Amazing Power

10,400 mAh's of juice flowing allows you to talk up to 40 straight hours, keep your tablet running all day and charge and recharge your mobile up to 5 times!

Original Built-in Samsung OEM Batteries

Original Samsung Battery Cells ensure you a prolonged use and premium quality, charge safe, charge fast! It delivers a full battery capacity to maximum power usage.

Charge Multiple Devices

Yes! With our 10400mAh power bank you can charge two devices at the same time! It allows you to charge your mobile smartphone via 1A USB output and at the same time use the 2A USB output for your other smartphone device or tablet powering.

Light, Compact,Smart

As slim as a quarter and weighing only 8.4 oz, yet able to keep your devices running all day! This is what compact is all about! Our unique power bank comes an intelligent LED display that shows the battery status. So, you'll always know how much juice you have!


Compact & Portable design ensures you the perfect On-the-Go experience;
The high capacity of 10400 mAh can largely extend the battery life for most of your mobile devices and also keep your iPad running all day;
Two USB output enable you charge two mobile devices at the same time. You can charge the new iPad via the 2A output;
Top-rated battery cells and molded aeronautic material casing makes it one of the most reliable charging devices in the market;
Intelligent LED status bar will indicate the current battery status, which enables you to have everything under control;
Multiple safety protection system to ensure devices safety: Overcharge protection; over-voltage, over-current, and short-circuit protection.

Capacity: 10400mAh
Battery: Samsung Original Li-ion Battery
Input: DC 5V / 1.5A MAX (Standard Micro USB Port)
Output: DC 5V / 3.1A MAX
Size: 114x70x22mm
Weight: 240g / 8.4oz
Warranty with PhoneGala: 1 Year

All USB charging devices.
*For lightning device, please use original lightning cable while charging. Or use our Certified MFI Certified cable.
Package Includes:

1 x PhoneGala Traveller Edition 10400mAh Dual-USB Portable Charger Power Bank
1 x USB to Micro USB charging cable
1 x User Guide

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